Titanium BoneFilter KF-T3

The KF-T3 consists of a two-piece filter casing. The low half serves as a holder for the one-way-strainer. In comparison to the KF-T2, the KF-T3 is arranged in a way that it can be put directly onto the sterile suction-hose.

Vacuuming takes place with surgical once-nipples, that are being put directly onto the filter-top. With same suction results as with the KF-T2, it has succeeded to shape the outside-dimensions even smaler, which has a positive effect on its handling. The bone-filter KF-T3 lies directly in the hand of the user and guarantees consequently high mobility during the treatment.

The new generation of one-way-sieves (MFS) has a surface-optimized geometry. The openings of the sieve have the form of honeycombs that guarantees an utmost open surface. The smooth and flat surface of the MFS prevents a premature closing of the sieve-pores and eases the removal of the recovered bones chips.

  • timesaving extraction of autologous bone-material
  • the especially big filter-surface guarantees maximum suction and interruption-free working
  •  easy handling - just plug and suck
  •  the titanium KF-T3 lies directly in the hand and guarantees high mobility during the treatment