Warming within seconds

A primary objective of endodontic treatment is to obtain complete filling of the prepared and disinfected root canal system. The Downpack-module assists in obtaining a compact, three-dimensional filling of the apical third. With the warm vertical condensation technique, homogenous root canal fillings can be produced very efficiently.
The ergonomic, lightweight D-Pack hand piece guarantees optimal handling. The slim design allows for unobstructed view of the treatment field. The powerful element enables warming of the heating tip within seconds. The desired heating temperature can be easily selected via the touch screen display. An integrated LED display in the base of the hand piece keep the operator informed about the heating
Replacement of the heating tip is easy, quick and safe, with the easy grip screw lock. A variety of heat tips, to fit all canal sizes, are available:

  • Heating tip XF 040/.04 green
  • Heating tip F 050/.04 grey
  • Heating tip FM 050/.05 yellow
  • Heating tip M 050/.07 red 
  • Heating tip ML 050/.09 blue