With integrated length determination (ILD) The torque- and speed-controlled electronic EndoMotor provides for efficient preparation of the root canal spaces.

The lightweight motor offers a maximum in feel control. In addition, the coloured LED-lights inform the operator of the rotation direction, the torque limit, as well as apex position. An additional twist function avoids intra-canal jamming of
the file by alternate left-right rotations. A freely programmable reciprocal drive can be selected for each file. It is possible to save different rotation profiles for each file.

In combination with the patented EndoPilot contra-angle, you have full control over the file position. The contra-angle, specifically developed for endodontics, forwards the signal of the ApexLocator directly to the file and offers a continuous supervision of the file position. The contra-angle and the motor are fully isolated, therefore no further electric isolation is necessary. There are especially also no inconvenient file contact clamps necessary, which hamper a quick change of files.
The preparation depth can be adjusted directly on the touch display by simply sliding the marker (a horizontal line in the Apex-indicator box).

A touch of the screen is all that is required for the EndoPilot to automatically select the next file within the file sequence. Another patented safety feature is the torque reduction upon approaching the apex. This function limits the cutting performance of the file in the apical area and provides for the constant removal of dentinal filings from the canal (as opposed to changing the direction of rotation used by many devices which transports the filings back towards the apex).