Patented, state-of-the-art digital ApexLocator

Precise electronic length determination of the root canal space is obtained using a pulse measuring technique. Thanks to the most modern, ultra-fast microprocessor technology, exact determination with 10 Bit-resolution is possible. The quick signal analysis of the EndoPilot enables continual length determination during canal preparation in real

The ApexLocator can of course also be used separately with a manual file clamp for initial length determination. The measured value is conveniently saved using the foot switch, automatically transferring it as the working length during the canal preparation. In combination with the patented EndoPilot contra-angle, you have full control over the current file position during the preparation. The contra-angle sends the signal of the ApexLocator directly to the file and offers a continuous
supervision of the file position. The preparation depth can be adjusted directly on the display by simply sliding the reference marker (a horizontal line in the Apex-indication).

An additional safety function is the supervision of separate source (external) voltage, warning against interfering currents, which could possibly lead to inaccurate measurements