Exposed surface of an implant
Transplant covered with human biological bone material


Extraction of autologous bone with help of a bone-filter

With the modern augmentation, autologous bone proves on the basis of its osteoplastic potency and the lacking immunological reactions to be bone-substitute
of first choice. Bone-chips originate with the implant-bed-preparation. The bone-filter collects these bone-chips. After the implant-bed-dissection has taken place, the won autologous bone-material is available for augmentative treatment immediately.

The bone-quantity depends on the implant-size. It surpasses the implant-volume
until approximately 2,4 times. The two bone-filter-systems of the newest generation stand by the selection, the bone-filter KF-T2 and the KF-T3. Both systems have got a filterhousing consisting of titanium and are fully sterilizeble and easy to connect to all standardized suctionunits.

The bone-filters have, in the comparison to other filters, a very big filtersurface
that enables an interruption-free working. The application of one-waysievings guarantees a clean and simple handling. The unique design with quick-action locking device offers crucial advantages:
• timesaving extraction of autologous bone-material
• the especially big filter-surface guarantees maximum suction and
interruption-free working
• easy handling